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Experience Excellence with INIR-EK4 Software!

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Get started quickly with electrochemical gas sensors from SGX. Our new SGX_EVAL_EC evaluation kit allows you to simply plug into the USB port of your computer and connect the SGX electrochemical gas sensor. No complex setup, no hassle!
With the SGX data logging and control software, assessing the performance of electrochemical gas sensors becomes a breeze. It provides a user-friendly platform for data capture and sensor control, empowering you to experiment with different settings before designing your own instrument.
Key Features:

  • Designed for use with SGX electrochemical gas sensors.
  • Simplified sensor control and setup.
  • PC application software for convenient control and data logging.
  • Adjustable electrochemical bias voltage.
  • 16-bit Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC) for precise sensor outputs.
  • Calibrate sensors with linear response and monitor gas concentration levels.
  • PCB-mounted temperature sensor for enhanced accuracy.
  • Socket for TTL (RS232) communication.

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