Pellistor Combustible Gas Sensors | SGX Sensortech

Catalytic Sensors – Pellistors

Designed to monitor combustible gases up to the explosive limits. These sensors are used both in fixed and portable instrumentation.

Main features of these sensors are:

  • Response to a wide range of combustible gases
  • Simple circuitry
  • A wide range of sensor types and operating voltages
  • Poison & shock resistant versions available
  • Full technical support

The VQ500 Series is a complete range of miniature, fully certified, flameproof sensor heads containing a high quality, low power pellistor pair optimised for the detection of combustible gases or % volume gases in thermal conductivity mode. They have an outline identical to modern miniature electrochemical cells and are ideally suited for use in portable instruments.

Within the VQ500 Series there are specific sensors that are able to detect most combustible gases and vapours and ammonia at LEL levels. The thermal conductivity version will detect most gases at % volume concentrations which have thermal conductivities different from that of air.

Below list of main sensors. All datasheets and much more sensors you can find on our gas sensors selector.

VQ1B - Standard Pellistor pair with high power and good stability n/a Buy now
VQ2B - Pellistor pair - Guaranteed performance with temperature and optimum stability n/a Buy now
VQ3BJ - Standard Pellistor pair - high power good stability. n/a Buy now
VQ5MB - Thermal Conductivity Pellistor pair n/a Buy now
VQ23TB - Pellistor Pair n/a Buy now
VQ25B n/a Buy now
VQ41TSB - Ammonia and High Hydrocarbons Pellistor pair. n/a Buy now
VQ500 Series - Range of Catalytic and Thermal Conductivity Pellistor certified 4 series heads Buy now
VQ546M - Certified Thermal Conductivity Sensor Head Buy now
VQ546MR - Certified Thermal Conductivity Sensor Head Buy now
VQ547HT - NMP Catalytic Combustible Gas Sensor n/a n/a Buy now