Pellistor Combustible Gas Sensors | SGX Sensortech

Pellistor Sensors

Designed to monitor combustible gases up to the explosive limits. These sensors are used both in fixed and portable instrumentation.

Main features of these sensors are:

  • Response to a wide range of combustible gases
  • Simple circuitry
  • A wide range of sensor types and operating voltages
  • Poison & shock resistant versions available
  • Full technical support

For information on  a new generation of low-power and rugged sensors for the detection of combustible gases, in particular methane.

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VQ21TB - Poison resistant Pellistor pair - general hydrocarbon sensing applications. n/a Buy now
VQ41TSB - Ammonia and High Hydrocarbons Pellistor pair. n/a Buy now
VQ500 Series - Range of Catalytic and Thermal Conductivity Pellistor certified 4 series heads Buy now
VQ600 Series - Range of Certified Catalytic and Thermal Conductivity Pellistor Fixed Heads for Gas Detection Buy now