Industrial Safety - SGX Sensortech SGX Sensortech

Industrial Safety

If you are protecting people from the hazards of their workplace, your first priority is safety.

You need to be assured that the sensing components you use will work every time, without fail.

SGX Sensortech is one of the longest established sensor suppliers with an excellent reputation for low out of the box failures and long term robustness.

We provide a range of technologies developed to meet specific sensing requirements and it is likely that we can provide a solution to all but the most exotic gas sensing requirements.

Sensors manufactured by SGX Sensortech:

  • Integrated Infra-red Sensor
  • Infra-red Sensors
  • Dual Gas Infra-Red Sensors
  • Infrared Gas Sensor for Hazardous Areas
  • MeMs Pellistor
  • Catalytic Sensors – Pellistors
  • Thermal Conductivity Sensors
  • Catalytic Gas Sensors for Hazardous Areas
  • Metal Oxide Sensors
  • Electrochemical Sensors
  • Evaluation Kits