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BLD2 – Battery Leakage Detection Sensor (H2+CO)

BLD2 is a Battery Failure Detection sensor that measures H2 concentration when different battery leakage occur through CAN communication.

The module has to be placed in the battery enclosure allowing to sense H2 gas generated during a failure mode.

BLD2 solution allow Battery Management System (BMS) to monitor the safe operation of the battery and send an earlier signal during a thermal runaway warning to give time to passengers to leave the vehicle safely.


  • Automotive product
  • Fast response time (<1 second)
  • Thermal conductivity gas sensor (high reliability technology)
  • High H2 range detection from 0 up to 10%
  • CO gas sensor (able to detect the venting phase before Thermal Runaway)
  • Low power consumption (50mA)
  • CAN 500kbps High Speed communication
  • Standard automotive 4 pins connector
  • Watertight housing IP6K7

BLD sensor module

There are different failure mode during the battery life time that could occur in an Electric Vehicle.

To prevent any injury to the passengers, one solution is to send an alarm as soon as possible to the passenger to leave the car when there is any leakage detection.


Our sensor is able to detect the hydrogen gas during a thermal runway and the CO gas in the venting phase that occur before a thermal runaway.

All the failure mode are cover and earlier than any other sensor like a pressure sensor.

In addition, the pressure sensor can’t work in all the battery pack architectures (with a venting solution there is more or less no pressure increase detectable)


See below some failure mode examples with a comparison between H2, CO SGX sensor and a pressure sensor:


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