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Battery Leakage Detection

There are different failure mode during the battery life time that could occur in an Electric Vehicle.

To prevent any injury to the passengers, one solution is to send an alarm as soon as possible to the passenger to leave the car when there is any leakage detection.

Our sensor is able to detect the hydrogen gas during a thermal runway and all the failure mode compare to a pressure sensor that could detect just some of them.

In addition, the pressure sensor can’t work in all the battery pack architectures (with a venting solution there is more or less no pressure increase detectable)

BLD sensor module

BLD-1 sensor – High H2 range detection (leakage detection)

BLD-2 sensor – High H2 range detection + CO gas sensor (able to detect the venting phase before Thermal Runaway)

TRDU-5 – sensor that measures H2, CO, NH3, Pressure, Temperature and Humidity level when different battery leakage occur