Advanced Gas Sensors: A Range of Technologies for Reliable Gas Detection

At our company, we take pride in manufacturing gas sensors utilizing a diverse range of cutting-edge technologies. Our sensors incorporate Catalytic, Thermal Conductive, Infra-red, Electrochemical, Solid Polymer, Photo Ionisation Detection, and Metal Oxides technologies. Each technology offers unique advantages and plays a vital role in detecting various gases. Explore our range of gas sensors and discover the capabilities of each technology.

Catalytic Sensors

Catalytic sensors are widely used for detecting flammable gases. They consist of a catalyst that promotes a chemical reaction when exposed to combustible gases, resulting in a change in temperature or resistance. This change is then measured to determine gas concentration levels.

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Thermal Conductive Sensors

Thermal Conductive sensors are effective for detecting a wide range of gases. They operate by measuring changes in thermal conductivity when gases come into contact with a heated sensing element. The presence of a gas alters the heat transfer, allowing for accurate gas detection.

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Infra-red Sensors

Infra-red sensors utilize infrared radiation to detect specific gases. Each gas absorbs a unique wavelength of infrared light, enabling precise identification and measurement. Infra-red sensors are commonly used in industrial and environmental applications.

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Electrochemical Sensors

Electrochemical sensors are ideal for detecting toxic gases. They employ a chemical reaction between the target gas and an electrode, generating an electrical current proportional to the gas concentration. This current is measured to determine gas levels accurately.

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Solid Polymer Sensors

Solid Polymer sensors offer exceptional sensitivity and selectivity. They utilize a polymer film that swells or contracts when exposed to specific gases, resulting in a change in electrical properties. This change is measured and used to detect and quantify gas concentrations.

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Metal Oxide Sensors

Metal Oxide sensors are versatile and sensitive to a wide range of gases. They operate by measuring changes in electrical conductivity when gases interact with a metal oxide film. This technology is commonly employed in indoor air quality monitoring and safety applications.

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Photo Ionisation Detection

Photo Ionisation Detection (PID) sensors are used to detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They work by ionizing gas molecules using ultraviolet light, creating detectable electrical currents. PID sensors are commonly utilized in industrial and environmental monitoring applications.

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Automotive Solutions

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MEMS pellistor

The MPEL is an industrial-grade MEMS pellistor designed for low-power, robust detection of combustible gases, like methane. It offers exceptional performance, up to 50% less power usage, and resistance to shock. Key features include low power consumption, poison resistance, small size, and ATEX/IECEx certification.

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By utilizing this range of gas detection technologies, we ensure that our sensors are optimized for various applications and industries. Whether it's detecting flammable gases, toxic substances, or volatile organic compounds, our advanced sensors provide reliable and accurate measurements for enhanced safety and environmental monitoring.

Explore our diverse range of gas sensors and experience the reliability and performance of these cutting-edge technologies.