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Ozone Gas

The SGX SensortechPS4 Gas Sensor is a solid polymer electrochemical gas sensor featuring long lifetime and robustness. Moreover, it does not consume any power. In addition to that it has a small footprint. The O3 Gas Sensor responds to Ozone gases which which are necessary to detect in many different applications.

What is the Technology Principle?

Solid polymer electrochemical technology is a revolutionary innovation in the field of electrochemical detection. In essence this technology is based on the principle of electrochemical catalytic reaction. As a general rule the sensors respond to the target gases and deliver a very small current signal that is usually proportional to the gas concentration. Usually, electrochemical sensors are using either a liquid or a gel electrolyte which leads to a couple of challenges during the operation of the sensor. The SGX Sensortech solid polymer electrochemical sensors overcome these obstacles.

How does the Technology work?

SGX Sensortech solid polymer sensors feature a composition of three electrodes in contact with the electrolyte. A typical electrode consists of a large surface area of precious metal and other materials. The electrode, electrolyte and the surrounding air are in contact while the gas diffuses through the back of the porous membrane into the working electrode of the sensor. At this electrode, the gas is oxidized or reduced. This electrochemical reaction causes a current to flow through the external circuit.

What makes the SGX Sensortech PS4 Gas Sensors so special?

While electrochemistry is well known in the world of gas detection, solid polymer electrochemical sensors offer cost effective production in large quantities. Furthermore, the automatic production process delivers stable and reliable quality. Above all the overall dimensions of the SGX Sensortech sensors are very small allowing a smart integration into the application.