Our Business

For more than 60 years, SGX Sensortech has been an industry leader in innovative and value-added gas and air quality sensors, offering unrivaled performance, robustness, and cost-effective solutions. Our team boasts some of the industry’s foremost experts, enabling SGX Sensortech to add tangible value to our customers’ products and applications. We have an established reputation for designing the most advanced gas and air quality detection components and modules.

Serving customers worldwide, requiring gas sensors and modules for environmental, health & safety air quality applications. SGX Sensortech has expertise in serving customers in a wide range of sectors. Our sensor elements and modules often make up the vital detecting element in automotive, mining, outdoor air quality, gas detection equipment, research institutes, and several industrial applications. We pride ourselves on our close relationships with our customers, working with them at every stage, from design to manufacture, and offering the best solution to meet their most demanding requirements.

With a manufacturing capability for gas and air quality elements and complete value-added sensor modules, from low volume up to over several million sensors per annum, SGX Sensortech provides products to meet the highest industry performance and safety standards.


SGX Sensortech locations:

  • Headquarters – Neuchatel, Switzerland
  • Manufacturing – China, Poland, Switzerland
  • Sales organization – Offices in Europe, North America, India, and China

In addition, we have a global network of sales partners, distributors, and representative companies.

SGX Sensortech is an Amphenol Company and part of the Amphenol Sensors Division.


At Amphenol Sensors, we make Quality, Safety, and Environmental Protection a top priority. We believe that making sustainable choices in the way we conduct our business creates short-term and long-term value for our stakeholders. We do not create long-term value by merely complying with regulations, but we go beyond compliance to find ways to green our operations and our products to ensure the continuity of the material and human resources that we need to operate the business.