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Industrial Air Quality

If you are an employer of people who may work in hazardous conditions, it is mandated that you provide adequate protection and safety equipment to ensure their health and well-being.

In many industrial applications, the number one hazard is gas; either the increase in levels of toxic gases or asphyxiant gases such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and the increase in flammable gases which could lead to an explosion or the depletion of oxygen.

SGX Sensortech is a major provider of gas sensors to equipment manufacturers who develop and sell detectors designed to protect workers against such hazards.

In these life critical applications, it is essential that sensors provide accurate and fast responses to dangerous conditions as well as work reliability in environments that are dirty and at the extremes of temperature and humidity.

SGX Sensortech has a proven track record in providing the most reliable gas sensors.  With more than fifty years’ experience supporting gas detection OEMs, we are one of the most significant players in industrial safety.