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4 November 2016

SGX Air Quality Sensors expand significantly in China


•Chinese market with keen sense of air quality improvements on indoor

market as well as in vehicles

•SGX Sensortech China Ltd. expands local business by serial orders and

nominations in 2nd half of 2016.

•In-cabin Air Quality Summit 2016 in Beijing 09th. +10th. November 2016 

Air quality measurement and improvement systems are more and more sophisticated in China. Both in buildings and in vehicles Chinese people are aware about their environment and its influence on their health. SGX Sensortech enables building designers, car manufacturers and HVAC-suppliers to improve their in-door/in-vehicle air quality management with intelligent detection of hazardous gases, harmful ultrafine particles and non-comfortable volatile organic compounds.

SGX Sensortech is recognized for specialist on Air Quality Sensors and Applications in China with awesome business increase in APAC region, especially in China. In 2016 SGX Sensortech schedules only for the automotive segment shows a 50% business increase with an order book of over 1 million parts in China in 2017.

The Chinese automotive business by serial orders and nominations increased tremendously in 2nd. half of 2016. SGX Sensortech China offers professional air quality system solutions and products to most of domestic automotive OEMs like GreatWall, Geely, SAIC, Foton, NextEV that have nominated SGX for their new platform cars. SGX is also providing modules to global brands like SVW and SGM and has just won the nomination for ultrafine partical sensor for a global premium brand with a strong footprint in China.

Visit SGX Sensortech on the In-cabin Air Quality Summit in Beijing in Hotel Boyue on 09th.+10th. November, listen to our company and product presentation and discuss with us how to improve your business.

Eric Germain                                                                      Nelson Ni

General Manager SGX Group                                         General Manager SGX Sensortech China Ltd.

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