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20 October 2016

SGX Business Partner Communication

Information: SGX Business Unit Air Quality Sensors purchased by Amphenol

Hereby we would like to inform our business partners about a significant change in our ownership structure. Amphenol Ltd. UK has acquired 100% share of all operating units of the SGX Air Quality Sensor Division that are: SGX Sensortech SA (Switzerland), SGX (IS) Sensortech Ltd. (UK), SGX Europe Sp.z.o.o. (Poland), SGX Sensortech GmbH (Germany) and SGX Sensortech China Ltd. (China).

Amphenol is a leading supplier of advanced interconnect systems for automotive safety devices and expanding on board electronics in automobiles. These applications include entertainment, communication, navigation, and telematics modules, as well as engine control, sensors, actuators, and auxiliary motors. In addition, Amphenol  has developed leading solutions for hybrid-electric vehicles and drive systems and is working with leading global customers to proliferate these advanced interconnect products into next-generation automobiles.

The listed SGX Group will continue their path of global growth independently under the SGX name.

All your normal contact persons and managers remain the same as this change reflects a change of ownership.

The SGX Group is fortunate that a global industrial leader with fundamental knowledge in sensor technology and with long-term business interests is investing in this field of Air Quality Sensor Technology that affects and improves all human beings environmental conditions in areas like vehicles, buildings and industrial safety applications. This connection between Amphenol and SGX enables new fields of collaboration for the benefit of customers, suppliers and other business partners.
We are looking forward to continuing our successful cooperation with you for a safe air quality for all human beings.

Eric Germain
SGX Group
An Amphenol Company