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25 February 2015

SGX VOC sensors tell us more about the air we breathe

The level of interest in the quality of air that we breathe at work, in the car, out of doors or in the home continues to grow.  Now, with the aid of SGX Sensortech technology, it is possible to get a clearer idea of the invisible hazards and pollutants that surround us every day.  For example, SGX sensors are capable of measuring the level of volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) in the air and to convert that level into an electronic signal that can be interpreted and acted upon by a range of ventilation systems, air cleaners and purifiers.


For ease of use, SGX have developed an innovative USB stick which includes our VOC sensing technology.  The USB connects directly to any PC and allows real-time measurement of organic compounds, or may be plugged directly into a main socket for stand-alone data logging.  This allows users to gain an insight into the levels of VOC in a range of environments.  As an example, the image below shows the VOC concentration log in a typical domestic kitchen.  The area was monitored for a 24 hour period and during this time, the VOC levels varied dramatically as a result of the activity within the kitchen.  For example at meal times, when food was being prepared the concentration of these gases increased.  Conversely during the night, when no activity was taking place and the domestic heating system was inoperative, the levels of VOC declined to ambient levels.VOCtrace

The USB kit is available now for purchase from SGX.  If you would like to learn more about your environment or evaluate our technology for future product developments, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team or our channel partners.