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22 January 2015

New dual mode MEMs pellistor makes multi-range sensing possible

SGX is pleased to announce the availability of their latest innovation – a sensor capable of measuring combustible gases across the entire volume range.  The MP-7217-TC is a high performance MEMS based sensing device which operates in two modes; below the flammable limit the sensor operates in catalytic (pellistor) mode, above the flammable limit and up to 100% by volume, the sensor operates in thermal conductivity mode.  The sensor module contains a fully controllable microswitch which allows the user to change between the two operating modes instantly.

MP7217TCThe MP-7217-TC now makes it easy for instrument designers to maximise the functionality of their gas detectors.  Previously, it was only possible to measure across two different ranges by using two separate sensors.  The new SGX product provides this facility in one single sensor, thus potentially reducing the size of the final instrument.  In addition, the MP-7217-TC is powered by a MEMS pellistor/thermal conductivity element which offers superb mechanical robustness, enhanced resistance to contamination and requires less than half the power of a standard flammable device, typically 110 milliwatts or less.

To accompany the product, SGX have published a detailed application notes which shows how to get the best performance from the device and includes recommended circuitry.

To view the datasheet or application note for SGX’s latest product, please click here.


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