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23 December 2013

SGX Presents New Flammable Gas Sensing Technology to Gas Analysis and Sensing Group

The Gas Analysis and Sensing Group (GASG) is an association of manufacturers and users of gas sensors as well as research institutions with an interest in this area.  As such, it was a fitting venue for SGX to present their most recent development, the MPEL – a novel technology for the measurement of flammable gases.

As part of GASG’s 20th anniversary celebrations, Dr. Stephan Trautweiler, Business Development Manager for SGX Sensortech, was invited as a keynote speaker to the meeting held at the Institute of Materials on the 5th December.  During his presentation Dr. Trautweiler gave an overview of the current state of the art of flammable gas sensing and in particular catalytic bead sensors.  He then detailed how SGX had coalesced advanced manufacturing techniques such as micro-electro-mechanical-systems (MEMS) with tried and tested catalytic chemistry resulting in the new MPEL sensor.  The MPEL, which is electronically backwards compatible with existing flammable sensors, provides considerable advantages including a 50% reduction in power requirement and a significant improvement to robustness and environmental resistance.

“For many years, manufacturers of industrial flammable gas detectors have been searching for the next big technology to replace the traditional pellistor type sensors,” said Dr. Trautweiler, “SGX is very pleased to be able to provide it.  We believe that the MPEL not only solves many of the problems associated with existing technologies, but also allows end-users to benefit from reduced instrument running costs and improved up-time.”

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